Sunday, 1 September 2013

Short Story Submission.

(The rules stated to use the picture and caption to create a short story of 150 words with a margin of five if you ate over, which I did)

The caption was Sibling Rivalry
The picture:

and my story...



They met upon the crest of the hill in the shade of a great apple tree overlooking the sea. Lilith moved up beside the old woman wearing a similar aged human form herself. A sign of respect or mockery, it mattered little now.
‘I never truly believed he had died all those years ago and to think the world will remember him aged only to 930’
Lilith tapped her old human nose with a finger ‘We know better’
‘I take it you come here for vengeance’ she spoke softly.
Lilith was silent a while looking down upon the grave.
‘My revenge died with him, we were never enemies you and I, rivals perhaps’ she smiled ‘I came to say it is done between us now sister’
She stayed beside his grave long after Lilith left faithful wife that she was and deep within the apple tree even a serpent bowed its head in respect.

Sam Coleman

154 words. 

My short story submission for the

54th #SatSunTails #Microfiction #Competition!

Linked here.

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