Sunday, 8 September 2013

Short Story Submission #2 ''Matriarch''

(The rules state to use the picture and caption to create a short story of 150 words with a margin of five if you eat over.This story won first prize)

The caption was Scraping back skin.
The picture:
and my story...

Sam Coleman
150 words.

The old house squats betwixt the pines, her dust covered windows concealing within like eyes milky with cataracts.

The furniture was covered in plastic as I started to scrape back her skin. A cream coloured layer with a brown interweaving pattern came first, it matched the furniture. Next a royal blue pattern against white. The bright astronaut decoration of a child’s room gave way to a foul mustard coloured floral pattern. Again and again I peeled back her coloured chameleon flesh and as I did I pulled back the veil from her past until I stripped her down to her archaic wooden bones. A large brown stain spotted the wall, that familiar iron pungency, almost sweet. The horror welled up within me and broke into screams as the sea breaks upon the shore and I knew then, I was looking upon her face.

The old house squats betwixt the pines.

My short story submission for the

55th #SatSunTails #Microfiction #Competition!

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