Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

First Comic- Swansong.


Been pretty busy recently with a few new projects, one of them being to try my hand at creating and publishing a comic which has always been on my life tick-list of things to do.

So here it is! Its called Swansong.


In a future poisoned with beautiful incandescent radioactive storms one dying genetically enhanced superhuman reflects on the shaping of his life.

In an alternate future in which the Cold War escalated into a world war the world has been transformed into a storm covered wasteland with large shielded cities keeping the remaining population safe after a powerful new weapon ravaged the atmosphere.
The Cold War did not end with the destruction of large parts of the habitable world and now America works hard to develop genetically enhanced super humans to assassinate key Russian officials. The story is told through the reflective thoughts of one of these dying superhuman war machines. I'm writing it with my good friend Max Perkins working on the art. You can find Maxs blog here.