Friday, 28 June 2013

Smashing and Ironfist.

Smashing and Iron Fist.
Concept art for one of my own short stories.

Story synopsis.
A once thought extinct race of Mer people based on the ancient hidden isle of Mag Mell off the coast of Ireland have returned and declared war upon Queen Victoria and all of Britain. Smashing and Ironfist, two investigators working under queen Victoria are deployed to retrieve the crown that powers this exiled race but not everything is as simple as it appears.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Leviathan Graduation show presentation.

What have I been up to?

My third year Graduation show is what I've been up to!

For anyone that does not know I've been working on building my own 2D adventure game based around one of my own stories called Leviathan, it has its own blog which you can find here at

With the game getting its first public showing since I started work on Wednesday the 19th of  June at Newport University of Wales city campus I'm very busy and very excited!

I will post a video of the night up here after the event.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Jack Salutes the sky.

Old Sketchbook work.

Here's some of my old sketchbook art collected together, Most of it is concept art of my own short stories, I've managed to dig up a lot of my old sketchbooks, piles and piles of sketchbooks. These are some of my old favourites, I'm sure more will find its way up here eventually.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Isle of the dead.

I've managed to find quite a bit of my old work to show up here. This was a painting I did three years ago in the summer before I started university. It was a version of Arnold Bocklins isle of the dead paintings.

To see Bocklins isle of the dead paintings look Here

Burying a sailor.

Burying a sailor.

o bury me not in the cold earth boys, o bury me not in the ground
bury me not with the old roots friends, nor the kings that forgotten laid crowned
bury me not with the worms lads, in a neat hole three by six
bury me not in a yard pals, nor a lonely tomb of mortar and bricks
Its the sea that I'll be free in comrades , under soft waves sleeping quiet and sound
o bury me not in the cold earth boys, o bury me not in the ground

song from one of my longer stories.

Hogwash, Hooey and Gibberish

One of my poems from last year that was published in Pan magazine

Monday, 3 June 2013

Prologue for Avengers script.

As a little fun exercise I wrote this story as a re imaging of the marvel universe as if I was setting the scene for a new avengers film. The premise is Steven Rogers turning on america in a Korean conflict setting. Although easily seen as anti american this story was actually designed to give me a setting in which I can explore in depth the morales behind the american super hero icon.  In march 2002 America under shield jurisdiction creates a superhuman response force. The team is led by captain Steven Rogers the world war two veteran also known as captain America after he is found frozen in an old Nazi facility off the coast of south Africa.

The team was hugely successful in protecting America and her interests with successful deployments throughout the middle east and north Africa most notably for their influence during the defeat of Iraq in 2003.

On December 30th 2011 Kim Jong-un is made supreme commander of the Korean peoples army. Throughout 2012 Kim Jong-un stockpiles nuclear weaponry. In late 2013 north Korea uses nuclear based WMD’s against the city of Ho chi minh (previously known as Saigon) killing hundreds of thousands. By December 2014 Korea is unified under the command of Kim jong-un and America and her allies declare war against Korea. The superhuman response team publicly enters the war with former president Obama stating in a press conference-

‘’The American superhuman response team will be deployed at this time in Korea in the pursuit of vengeance and justice for those that died during the bombing of Ho chi minh fourteen weeks ago...’’

After this announcement the S.R.D (superhuman response division) was publicly known as the avengers during the war effort. While all original members of the S.R.D took part in the initial stages of the conflict s.h.i.e.l.d was unsuccessful at recruiting any of Americas other super humans with many opposing the war altogether. The fantastic four gave a press release stating they would remain neutral throughout the conflict until a peaceful solution could be obtained. Shield did not disclose whether the weapon x division of shield would deploy operatives within the Korean theatre with both Carol Danvers (spokesperson for shield) and the president stating that the conflict would remain mutant free, he went on to point out the rumours of Eric Lensherr being used within the conflict as nothing but ‘fabricated rumours’ developed to frighten the American public.

With Kim jong-un  in hiding and Korea's borders under American jurisdiction the avengers are used to defeat the ‘gorilla rebel fighters’ operating throughout north and south Korean territories. With growing pressure from the Russian presidency tension began to grow and the threat of another cold war. A media blackout throughout Korea was ordered and enforced under American authority in November 2015. The world no longer gets information from within Korea although strange weather patterns and radioactive measurements cause many to believe America has deployed her own nuclear weapons. The media blackout is lifted January 16th 2016 revealing large areas of Korea destroyed with hundreds of thousands dead. January 17th 2016 Captain America is officially revealed to have been killed in action during the media blackout. Several days after the announcement hank Pym also known as the giant man by the public and Janet van dyne aka the wasp are also reported dead. Funerals are held and captain Americas damaged shield is buried with him near the u.s marine corps war memorial near Arlington national cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

A matter of weeks later Tony Stark pilot of the Iron man suit resigned from the S.D.R and was given a place within shield intelligence. The iron man suit schematics previously a secret were released to the American military, specifically shields own tech division. The two remaining members of the avengers the Russian black widow and Hawkeye have not been publicly seen or mentioned within media since late 2015. During this time the fantastic four are killed in a terrorist bombing at the Roswell new Mexico army base. The streets of new york are filled with civilians paying tribute.

In march 2016 the president of the united states declares in a statement-

‘’During this turbulent turning point in America's history I have seen it fit to activate for a short time only the weapon x division of shield in the hope of preserving order within the Korean theatre of action and America herself’’

After significant political upheaval the president later apologised for his statement saying his speech made it sound like America was deploying mutant weapons on American soil, the president went on to assure the world this was not the case and that this was a temporary measure,he also assured the American public the war would be won by the end of the year these statements were later confirmed by by Carol Danvers and Tony stark during separate press talks.

March 19th a video is released on the Internet from within Korean territory for the first time since the war began. The video goes viral within the hour. The video shows a man who identifies himself as captain Steven Rogers.

Sam Coleman

© Sam Coleman 2013 If Republished please republish with link to Original work here.

Leviathan game.

Here is a screenshot from my first video game Leviathan. 

A Game of Sins

Concept art for a game idea I proposed in my second year of University. The idea is the player would have to solve a series of puzzles by interacting with a puppet version of the devil unearthed from a music box. Each puzzle would theme around a certain Sin from the seven Christian sins.

Instead of persuading the player sins are bad and immoral the puzzles would instead give the players an exploration into the sin and give them the opportunity to do bad and good and decide themselves on if the outcome was what they desired.

The narrative is taken from my own short stories and poems based around John Schorne.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

P.A.S.S poster.

During my time at university I did several jobs for the university itself producing art for websites,posters and logos. This particular project was to design a poster template for the P.A.S.S ( peer assisted study sessions) scheme.

Leviathan computer game character concept art finals.


Part of the Leviathan Game.

My concept art for king Tethra. Tethra plays an important part in the narrative of my video game Leviathan as the Fallen king of the isle Tartarus the player must traverse. Tethra is borrowed straight Irish mythology in which he is ruler of the isle Magh Meall which often comes up as an important place in alot of my short stories tying them together.

This design is specifically a statue the player can locate and interact with.

Tethra features a a few times in the backround as well, this statue is part of an obstacle for the player in the second room of the game.