Monday, 17 February 2014

New peoples and places.

What a long time since I last blogged! There has been a big transition period as I ended University at South Wales and began my MA at the NFTS school in Beaconsfield. but hopefully this blog will be back on track with more bits and pieces I cobble together, in the mean time here's whats been going on.


I was honored to receive a Prince William Scholarship.

and proud to be a part of Warner Brothers Creative Talent
(Here's the lovely bunch all together)

I joined the NFTS Games Design and Development course.
(Here's all three years of the course together)

and met my BAFTA mentor Imre Jele head of Bossa studios,

and I also Did a little adventuring.

Lots has Happened and lots is happening, I'll hopefully be blogging as usual again now so expect Games, Sketches and little stories, Business as usual.

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